Joseph Sarti, L.Ac.; Kinesiology                   


FitnessJoe is a 3 pronged approach to Health, Fitness and Wellness.

  1. 1.Traditional Chinese Medicine (commonly known as Acupuncture): I use this ancient system, which focuses on the individual, to address common health challenges in today’s society including Pain, Stress, Weight and Men’s/Women’s Health. My practice focuses on providing the best treatment principles to address the individuals chief complaint.

  1. 2.Yoga: A hatha based approach, I am trained in Iyengar, Ashtanga (Vinyasa) and Yin. A therapeutic approach my style emphasizes basic postures held for length with an emphasis on form and alignment. This practice addresses strength, flexibility and mobility. All classes or personal training sessions emphasize the importance of breath and concentration.  You will walk out feeling stronger, more mobile, relaxed, rejuvenated, and better than ever.

  1. 3.Kettlebells: My primary strength and conditioning tool outside the actual body. This tool is the best all around fitness tool for addressing functional, core and general strength and cardiovascular conditioning. I focus on basic moves and their mastery. My approach is simple and very effective with proven results.

My general approach is to provide the simplest and most direct way to achieve your goals. I use all the means available to me through education, practice and experience .

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